bateau à voile - Trinquette


Why TRINQUETTE crafts? You ask me this question very often. I explain everything to you here.

The staysail is the name of a small boat sail that is placed at the front . When I created Trinquette (a little year ago) I asked myself the question of the name I was going to give to this adventure. At the time staysail was just a hobby, a parenthesis which eventually developed.

For the record, we were in the car with my darling, I took the dictionary of sea words and scrolled through the Google page: "port, boom, chop, scoop, tide, pitch, staysail...", "Staystick? It's funny, isn't it? That sounds good! Ok it will be staysail." Choice of name, 2min flat.

But then, why this relationship with the sea, with navigation?

I have been sailing since I was 12 years old. It's in my genes now, I think. The pleasure of being on the water, the relationship with the sea, moving thanks to the energy of the wind. I love the whole universe that the sea can offer me, sailing on all types of boats, living on a boat, racing, swimming, diving... in short, you understand. But what I like the most is long navigation, when you go several days without seeing the coast. A different rhythm of life is established. We go back to basics, eat, read, sleep, move the boat forward...

And you ? Tell me what is your place of calm?

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Photo by Stephane YAICH on Unsplash