Créatrice Trinquette Artisanat - Mon métier

“But what is your REAL job?”

“Can you make a living from it? ", " Really? ", "But can you really make money doing that? ".
Ahhhhh these little questions... I'm lucky, I'm an architect, I have the title! I therefore have the freedom to choose when I am asked the fateful question: “And what do you do?” » 😆.

🤔 For the answer, two options are available to me:

1/ The choice of tranquility , fatigue, ease: “I am an architect”. BAM let's move on to another subject, phew!

2/ The right choice , when I have more energy and I want to defend MY profession. The one that I made from scratch and of which I am proud! But being a craftsman, entrepreneur, seamstress (what do I know?), this profession which does not fit “into the nails” always raises a question... I must therefore explain (justify myself?) that “yes yes I earn my living !” And I always feel obliged to tell how I created Trinquette, why I went from such a “prestigious” profession as Architect to a “second class” profession as craftsman. Because this is clearly what I am made to understand when I am asked the question...

But, what we don't know is that I am much happier in my job today than drawing toilets on autocad; Much freer to choose my schedules, more fulfilled to have my own projects; Much more satisfied to have found what suits ME. And all this, with certainly the same salary (since it is often a question of remuneration: because an architect who leaves school does not earn 5000 euros per month, far from it!).

I know these questions are asked “culturally” and I never blame the people who ask me them. These are very often questions due to a lack of information on lesser known (and therefore less valued) professions.

Let's just keep this in mind: there is no such thing as a stupid job!

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