La personnification de l'artisan

The personification of the craftsman

I illustrate my point with this photo which brings back excellent memories. For my end-of-study internship, I spent 2 months in Bouaké , a lost town in Ivory Coast. I taught bioclimatic architecture techniques there. I spent two months living very simply, I met wonderful people, I confronted a patriarchal society much more radical than ours and I learned! In short, nothing to do with sauerkraut 🥬


I think there are several ways to "do" crafts, to communicate... But I chose one: the one that suits me best and I'll explain why...

Instagram, Facebook, boo bad words... I don't agree with the demonization that we usually do of social networks. Obviously there are deviations, but if I take the example of Trinquette, I find that it is a very accessible way that allows me to share. To show you HOW the products you buy are made, WHO makes them, with WHAT material... A way to tell you the story behind each object in your daily life.

For me, that’s craftsmanship! It's being able to interact with the person who creates, trusting them, asking them for variations... It's being able to identify with an artisan!

By embarking on this adventure, I discovered that one of the aspects I loved most about my job is meeting you at designer markets, chatting, seeing the smiles of people delighted with their purchase. So, for me, sharing on social networks is just an extension of it.

I hope you like this way of doing things, tell me what you think of it, I'm very interested in hearing your opinion.

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