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Transparency & Global Consistency

Trinquette is not perfect. All the fabrics I offer are not perfect! A little explanation is necessary to avoid confusion.


As I have often explained on Instagram , it is very difficult to find colorful fabrics, with a diverse offering, in GOTS-labeled ORGANIC.

So I chose to do the best I could. This is MY "best" (I don't think there is a perfect choice, but I want to be as transparent as possible with you). I have chosen to offer you products for which I have studied the origin of the fabrics , mostly organic fabrics, which I buy from small committed companies such as @amandinechadessolier or @cousubio .

BUT, I have also chosen to offer you an offer of colorful, original and "affordable" fabrics (I am aware that this is already not within the reach of all budgets, but you cannot imagine the price of certain fabrics that I would dream of using) which are not always ORGANIC. This is why I systematically write the fabric label on each product label.


So I try to be as consistent as possible. This is what I call: overall consistency. I pay attention to the boxes in which I send you the packages, to the adhesive, to the paper to write you the little notes. But, I choose to continue to give you a little Trinquette stickers, a pretty piece of masking tape, aware that it is totally futile.

Like these choices for packaging, not all fabrics are “perfect” on their label.
The road is still long, I am looking every day for more ethical and ecological alternatives. Rest assured, I do my best.

Tell me if, for you, the origin and label of the fabrics is important. I'm interested !

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Photo by Svitlana on Unsplash