Rouleaux de tissus - Choix des matières premières

Linen, Hemp, Cotton?

I was asked several times if I was going to develop hemp or flax. Here I share with you my current questions.


Today, media enthusiasm for new ecological materials is gaining considerable momentum. Linen and hemp have a more ecological sound: they are “made in France...”. BUT, did you know that the majority of flax and hemp that grows in France is sent to China (or Eastern Europe) to be spun? There is no (anymore) French spinning mill capable of spinning these materials!


After weeks of research, questions, meetings with suppliers, I decided to work with GOTS cotton. Which does not grow in France, but for which we have the assurance of having certification across the entire production chain . It is therefore harvested in countries that produce it, such as Benin. Then, sent to France to be spun, woven, dyed, printed.

Cotton (which I chose) is certainly more energy-intensive in its initial harvesting process, but it is then much more consistent in being sent to France. While waiting for the linen or hemp to be spun in France, I chose this alternative.
I am obviously not sure that this is the "right" solution, we would have to compare the carbon cost of a round trip to China (added to the human cost of Chinese working conditions not certified by GOTS) with that of cotton production . Two very different measurements and therefore ultimately incomparable.

All this to say that we must be very vigilant regarding the greenwaching of certain brands. Because NO solution offered on the textile market today is perfect. Little by little, I am starting to become more and more informed about raw materials, but it is a long and tedious learning process...

The goal is therefore to share with you here what I learn as I continue my research. The debate is open, nothing is set in stone, I hope to discuss it with you. Tell me what you think ! If you have any other questions, of course I will be happy to answer them.

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