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5 easy hairstyles for this summer!

Here's summer ☀️ The season of the beach, restaurants on the terrace, weddings... Between the heat, the swimming pool, the sea and the sun, our hair is often put to the test and sometimes we don't really know what's going on. do it, see we would like to cut everything 💇‍♀️ (me first).

To avoid getting to that point (and because I'm nice 😉), I decided to share with you my 5 favorite hairstyles for this summer . They are pretty, super quick to make and can adapt to all situations! The best way to make the most of the sunny days without worrying too much 😜.

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This hairstyle is quite simple to do, just place your crown headband on top of your hair and then make a high (or low, depending on your preference) bun.

Small alternative: if you want more volume, you can make your bun using a "bun" for an even more sophisticated look ✨.

Headband Summer Collection – Trinquette Atelier Headband – Staysail Atelier


My favorite hairstyle for this summer! ☀️⛱

  • Place (as seen just before) your crown headband above your hair.
  • Divide your hair in two on each side of the head, then each part into 3 or 4 depending on your hair thickness.
  • Then, twist your strands one by one starting from the front of the head then wrap them in the headband at the back of your head. You can also leave a few strands sticking out for a more unstructured effect 😉.
Headband – Staysail Atelier Headband – Staysail Atelier


The basic, but we love it with love 💛

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail ,
  • Wind the latter on itself. You will thus obtain a full-length twisted ponytail.
  • Once the ponytail is twisted, lift it up and wrap it around your head . You will thus obtain a beautiful spiral.
  • Then, hold everything together with a pretty scrunchie 🌸.
Liberty Mustard Scrunchie – Trinquette Atelier Favorite Summer Collection – Trinquette Atelier


Probably the fastest and most efficient! You can do it when you get out of bed, to space out a shampoo, for a romantic evening or to do your shopping... You will look classy in all circumstances in 2 minutes with your watch in hand 😉!

  • Above the hair (like me in the first photo): position your headband as a crown. Isolate two strands (one on each side of the head) on the front of the head. Then, wrap each strand around the headband and let the rest of the hair fall below the headband. There you have it, you have a pretty romantic hairstyle 🥰.
  • Below the hair (like Mariel in the second photo): put the headband below the hair at the nape of the neck, and place the front of the headband above the forehead. Ideal for facing the heat in style 👌.
Headband Summer Collection – Trinquette Atelier Headband – Le blog de Néroli x Trinquette Atelier


Nothing could be easier here, you just need to make a ponytail with a foulhie, then let the two ends of the foulhie hang on each side.

Small alternative: you can also wrap the two ends of the foulhie around the ponytail or braid them with the rest of the hair for a bohemian hairstyle ✨.

Foulchie Summer Collection – Trinquette Atelier Foulchie – Trinquette Workshop

And you, which hairstyle do you prefer? Don't hesitate to give me your opinion in the comments and send me photos of your superb hairstyles on my Instagram account 🥰.

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