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Ecological cleaning: natural products to have at home

For those who have been looking for years for the unstoppable argument that would forever deprive them of mopping the floor, look no further: a Norwegian study from the University of Bergen published in 2018 shows that cleaning would be more harmful than smoking 🤨. But then why? Because of the products we use of course!

Eh yes ! If your "miracle cleaner" manages to remove a stain that has been ingrained for months in 10 seconds, the effect on your lungs, on your skin and on the environment is far from being as encouraging... In fact, some manufacturers use preservatives which can cause severe allergic reactions , damage the skin, respiratory organs, eyes... In short 🤮.

🍃 But then, how do we do it? Nothing could be simpler, let's move on to ecological cleaning! More practical, healthier, more economical... There is no reason not to try it.

Come on, follow the guide, I'll explain everything to you! 👇


Kitchen cleaner, hob product, toilet descaler, air freshener, window product... No need to have one product per room , see per object to clean 😂.

👉 Here I present to you 6 products which, for me, are more than enough! They can be used alone or combined to make your own multi-purpose cleaner, laundry detergent etc. Enough to lighten your cupboards, your bills, protect the planet and your health! 😉

Overall, you can find what you're looking for at "La drugrie ecologica" (available in organic stores) or at "Jacques Briochin" or "Biovie" (available in supermarkets).


Baking soda is a mild abrasive. It cleans, removes stains, softens ... It's an essential that replaces almost everything... and costs almost nothing 🤩. Biodegradable, it does not leave any persistent residue in nature.

Its uses: ideal for deodorizing the fridge and the trash can, cleaning the oven, removing mold in the bathroom, removing stains from laundry and preserving its colors... You can also mix it with a little water and soap to make a scouring cream or with vinegar and Marseille soap to make laundry.


Vinegar is like THE STAR of ecological cleaning! 😎 Used hot or cold, it degreases, deodorizes, removes limescale ... It is composed of water and acetic acid which we obtain most of the time from beet sugar. It is also a biodegradable product!

Its uses: perfect for removing limescale from taps, maintaining your iron, cleaning your kettle/coffee maker, wash the windows, disinfect the fridge, soften the laundry, clean the toilets…


Black soap is a true ecological multi-use! 🧼 It cleans, degreases, removes stains, nourishes... It can be used in all rooms of the house, for laundry and even in the garden (to keep aphids away). We prefer a vegetable black soap based on olive, flax, sunflower oil , etc. and we avoid palm oil and additives (colorings, preservatives).

Its uses: it can be used to clean floors and surfaces, degrease the oven, microwave, hood, stove, wash windows and mirrors...

Baking soda – The eco drugstore White vinegar – The eco drugstore Black soap – Jacques Briochin


Made from soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide, both extracted from natural materials such as water or chalk , sodium percarbonate is an excellent whitener and stain remover thanks to the oxygen it releases. It's a very good ecological alternative to bleach 😱.

Its uses: ideal for whitening and staining laundry, for degreasing joints, universal cleaner on resistant surfaces....


Real Marseille soap is a wonderful multi-use product! It is found in block or shaving form and its color varies depending on its composition. Prefer soaps based on vegetable oils (olive, copra, peanut, etc.) and avoid palm oil at all costs! Besides, real Marseille soap contains no perfume, no coloring, no chemical additive... So, keep an eye on the composition 👀.

Its uses: it can be used in laundry, as a dishwashing product, as a multi-surface cleaner, but also and especially in the shower (the base 😉).


For dust, we avoid disposable wipes and crappy aerosol products full of hydrocarbons as much as possible. Instead, we opt for a small washable paper towel and/or a damp microfiber wipe. Once dirty, we machine wash them, then reuse them almost endlessly!

Uses: Perfect for cleaning dust on furniture, vents, surfaces.

Sodium percarbonate – Eco drugstore Marseille soap – La Corvette Washable kitchen towel – Trinquette Atelier


As an example, I decided to talk to you about the maintenance of Trinquette products ✨. In the majority of cases, my products require little maintenance , but you still don't have to do anything if you want to keep them for a long time. And you know what ? The products mentioned above will be more than enough for you 😉.

🧼 First of all, for the first wash (regardless of the material), I always advise you to wash your products cold to prevent the fabric from fading and shrinking . Then, it will depend on the fabrics:


🛁 Flat charlottes and soap pouches: you can wash them by hand with Marseille soap and let them air dry. However, if there are slightly more stubborn stains (tomato sauce, jam, etc.), you can leave a little baking soda mixed with water on them, then machine wash them at maximum 30°. vs. Be careful, however, not to put them in the dryer and not to iron them!


🍃 Washable paper towels and washable cotton: I advise you to put them in the machine at maximum 30°C once you have used them. If there are makeup stains (for cotton pads) or food stains (on paper towels) that are difficult to remove, you can use a little percarbonate of soda before putting everything in the washing machine. Same here, no dryer.


🥖 Baguette bag and bread bag: normally hand washing with Marseille soap should be enough, but you can put them in the machine perfectly up to 30°C. You can also iron them on a cotton program if you wish.


👸 Headbands and scrunchies: if you need to wash them, I recommend very gentle hand washing with a little Marseille soap. Then let them air dry. Do not put in the dryer.

Soap pouch – Coated cotton Washable cottons – ORGANIC cotton and liberty Hairbands – Viscose

There you go, now you are professionals in ecological cleaning! All you have to do is take action 🧹. And you, what are your essentials for a zero-waste household?

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