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Christmas: 50 ethical and ecological gift ideas

Christmas is just around the corner, and this year I decided to share with you a small list of ethical and ecological gifts to please your loved ones without selling your soul to Amazon 🤣

But then what is an ethical and ecological gift? For me, an eco-friendly gift is above all a gift chosen with care, which will please and which will be useful to its recipient. It is also a gift that is produced in good social and environmental conditions (we try to favor local and artisanal products) and which is not wrapped in 10 tons of plastic (🎁 Hello Furoshiki ).

So, whether you are from the “I make my gifts super early” team or from the “last minute” team, I hope you will find what you are looking for in this article. I tried to highlight designers and brands that I love and I also slipped in a few gems from my latest collection ❄️



- Flat charlottes: obviously, I had to tell you about our little flat charlottes. It's the ideal gift to introduce your loved ones to zero waste without rushing them too much. A little touch of color in their kitchen, some little patterns, here you go, and that's it!

- Pretty tableware: a pretty cup, beautiful porcelain or ceramic plates... You can find what you're looking for with talented French artisans. I am thinking in particular of Morgane from Bleu Clémentine Céramique .

- An Italian-style or filter coffee maker: to replace the capsule coffee machine which costs an arm and a leg and which pollutes enormously. Instead, choose an Italian or filter coffee maker with good ground coffee. A very nice gift for coffee lovers.

- A pretty cutting board: a gift that will last for many years, very practical and elegant in a kitchen. I also recommend the little nuggets from Maggy de Lakahute . All her pieces are handmade with love and she even offers custom-made boards 😱.

- A pie bag: the perfect gift To transport your hot or cold pies, quiches and cakes, the pie bag will become your essential for your picnics or for your aperitifs with friends.

Charlotte flat – Trinquette Atelier
Plates – Blue Clementine Ceramic
Cutting board – Lakahute
Filter coffee maker – Bodum
Pie bag – Trinquette Artisanat

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- A toiletry bag: offer your loved ones a pretty organic cotton toiletry bag. Perfect for storing and transporting all their beauty essentials. You can even make a 2-in-1 gift and slip some sturdy cosmetics inside.

- A safety razor: In addition to being super useful and reusable for life, it is a superb 100% metal object with a changeable stainless steel safety blade. For men and women, it is a mixed object that respects the environment (and no pink tax with it) 😉

- A pretty hair towel: finally a pretty towel to dry your hair without damaging it! Reversible, it allows maximum humidity to be gently absorbed (thanks to one side in organic cotton terry), but also for plopping (to promote natural waviness of the hair) thanks to one side in OEKO cotton jersey -TEX.

- A massage brush: ideal for exfoliating the skin and activating blood circulation. The benefits of dry brushing are numerous: softer, smoother, toned skin, lighter legs... A nice gift to give for fans of natural care.

- Reusable cotton pads: THE basics for a zero-waste bathroom! Extra-soft, Trinquette cottons will appeal to sensitive skin and will allow you to gently cleanse your skin.

Toiletry bag – Trinquette Atelier
Safety razor - Lamazuna
Hair towel – Trinquette Atelier
Massage brush – Greenweeze
Reusable cottons - Trinquette Artisanat

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- A bedding set: a pretty bedding set entirely woven and made in France. It's a somewhat expensive gift, but one that will last a very long time and that your loved ones will appreciate.

- A poster/poster : Monocotylédone is a brand of graphic and poetic stationery drawn in Indian ink. I am particularly a fan of Virginie's work, which offers magnificent illustrations inspired by nature, simple joys and visual escape.

- Vegetable wax candles: hand-poured in France, with a composition of natural origin that respects your lungs and the planet. A gift to light in all circumstances to bring a little warmth to a home and a few fragrant notes.

- Table linen: for a decorative touch in an interior, you can offer a pretty Trinquette tablecloth with a set of napkins , all in washed linen. An eco-responsible fabric, because it is a French flax crop, and a plant that requires little water. All made in Montpellier!

- A beautiful plant and its planter: why not offer a plant? It's a gift that lasts (normally 😅) and can have great symbolism for your loved ones. I advise you to turn to French plants like those from the brand: Plant and Stories . To complete the gift, you can also add a pretty pot holder made by a ceramic craftsman like those from Bleu Cémentine Céramique .

Bedding set - See you tomorrow
Poster - Monocotyledon
Terrazzo Candle - withpoesie
Washed linen tablecloth - Trinquette Atelier
Gift a plant - Plant and Stories


- Eco-responsible sneakers, slippers, etc.: for more ethical and responsible sneakers you can opt for the Zèta brand (the plant material in their shoes is grapes made from waste from wine production). Slippers ? The Chausse Mouton brand offers a selection of modern and trendy Charentaise shoes!

- Women's clothing: a pretty, carefully selected piece of ethical fashion will only please... if you know the tastes of your loved ones well 😉 (otherwise ask them for a wishlist). To find the brand that best meets your expectations, you can take a look at the Iznowgood marquiz generator .

- An eco-responsible fanny pack: a perfect gift that will quickly become essential! With its thick and sturdy canvas cotton, it carries your everyday essentials without losing its shape. Thanks to its adjustable handle, you can carry your bag slung over your shoulder, both over a thick coat in winter and over a light t-shirt in summer.

- Hair accessories: our colorful scrunchies and headbands will add a little pep and magic to your loved ones' outfits this winter.

- An ethical piece of jewelry: because I love committed designers, I absolutely wanted to introduce you to jewelry from the Manora brand. The designer, Manon, offers creations entirely handmade in the south of France with certified metals, real little nuggets!

Charentaise – Chausse Mouton
Gabin sweater – Orta Store
Belt Bag – Trinquette Atelier
Hair Band – Trinquette Artisanat
Muse Collection – Manora Bijoux



- A gourmet basket: take ready-made or put together yourself in local stores and artisans! If you are celebrating Christmas away from home, you can treat your loved ones to some specialties from your region.

- A box of craft beers: for hop lovers, you can put together a small assortment of craft beers from the brewer closest to you. Idea can also be transposed to wines and spirits or lemonades and other Ginger Beers if your loved ones are more of the team that doesn't drink.

- A box of Infusions: the perfect gift for a cocooning moment by the fire with the family. You can choose it ready-made, or compose it yourself according to the preferences of your loved ones.

- A spice blend: for budding cooks 😏 Discover the spice blends and boxes from Epices Shira , exceptional organic or wild spices.

- Chocolates: but not just any chocolates! You can turn to an artisanal and committed chocolatier and/or a responsible brand. The “engaged chocolate makers” association lists on its site French chocolate players with demanding and responsible values.

Gourmet basket – The delight boutique
Organic beer box – Kiss Wing Montpellier
Infusions box – Maison Sauge
Spice Blend – Shira Spices
Assortment of chocolates – Puyricard


- Solid soaps: to introduce your loved ones to zero-waste cosmetics, I recommend soaps from "Savonnerie La Corvette " , a reference in Marseille soap since 1894. Tested and approved: they are divine!

- A set of essential oils: the perfect gift for fans of natural beauty/well-being. To be offered with a small explanatory booklet or professional advice (so as not to do anything stupid).

- An eco-responsible perfume: because perfumes are often full of substances that are not great for you and the planet. Instead, turn to a perfume with a composition of natural origin, in a refillable and recyclable bottle and made in France, like those from the 100Bon brand.

- A soap pouch: to store your shaving bar, your solid soaps... The small Trinquette pouch is an essential in a 100% zero-waste routine. You can offer it with 1-2 solid cosmetics for a great ethical gift 🎁.

- A nail polish kit: for fans of colored nails. There are now many more ethical and cleaner brands on the market, I am thinking in particular of Manucurist , Kure Bazaar or 1944 .

Box – Savonnerie La Corvette
Discovery box – MEDENE
Patchouli Perfume – 100Good
Soap pouch – Trinquette Atelier
Gift box – Manucurist


- A beautiful book: favor local bookstores over web giants to make your reading gifts this year. Éditions de la plage offer a selection of beautiful books on the themes of nature, personal development, yoga, cooking... You are sure to find what you are looking for!

- A book pouch: an essential that will appeal to all reading lovers, but also an original gift idea to offer with a book.

- A personalized bookmark: a small accessory that will accompany your loved ones in their moments of relaxation. Perfect for paperbacks or even encyclopedias if you like. I recommend the creations of “ Elise’s spirals ” which offer really cool customizable natural wood bookmarks!

- An Ex-libris stamp: offer a small personalized stamp to affix to the inside of the books. Ex libris meis means “part of my books” in Latin. Designer Maureen from Mamie Motel also offers superb custom-made stamps. I highly recommend you take a look at his work.

- An e-reader: very practical, it will prevent your loved ones from accumulating too many books in their library... and will allow them to go out and about with a nice selection under their arm!

Plant prints – Éditions de la plage
Book pouch - Trinquette Artisanat
Bookmark – Elise’s spirals
Custom stamps – Mamie Motel
Digital e-reader – Kobo


- An Upcycled scrunchie: the Trinquette scrunchie, made from production scraps from swimsuits from the Olly Lingerie brand, perfect for going swimming with your darling, which will dry much faster than a cotton scrunchie.

- Sunglasses: the CadeauMer brand recycles plastic waste recovered from nature into sunglasses.

- Leather goods accessories: I invite you to discover the creations of Atelier Dimanche . The leathers used are scraps from major luxury leather goods houses in an upcycling approach, or vegetable-tanned leathers, respectful of the environment.

- Upcycled furniture: And why not offer a pretty upcycled piece of furniture for Christmas or a decorative accessory? Making beauty out of waste, making something useful out of nothing, that’s the challenge Tizu Meubles has set for itself 🙌

Bath darling – Trinquette Atelier
Sunglasses – FaitMer
Wallets – Sunday Workshop
Nesting Tables – Tizu Meubles


- A beautiful puzzle: for adults or children, a nice puzzle allows you to relax, disconnect and soothe your mind. You will find a 100% plastic-free collection at the “ Piece & Love brand, but I also have a weakness for the “ The Last Piece ” puzzle selection.

- Card games: a must-have gift that can be carried anywhere. Our latest favorite: the games from “Minus éditions” . A collection of games that talks about the most trivial and the essential but always with humor. At an aperitif or out and about, with family or friends, you will share unique moments.

- Board games: I recommend the games from the Bioviva collection. These are innovative and fun games about Nature and the development of children, exclusively made in France.

- Ethical toys: Christmas is often a flood of plastic toys of all kinds... And that's not great for the planet. Fortunately, ecological alternatives exist 😊 I am thinking in particular of toys that your children will be able to keep for a long time, such as: a box of classic wooden games (little horses, checkers, goose game...). You can also opt for soft toys handmade in France for the little ones, and why not a game of Mölkky for the older ones.

- An escape game at home: for a great family time around an investigation. The concept is simple, with 2 to 6 players you will have 1 hour to solve a mystery on a chosen theme.


- A discovery workshop with an artisan: because a great experience sometimes leaves a mark more than an object. You can offer your loved ones a wonderful moment of discovery in the company of a craftsman. For Montpellier residents, the Sharmarée workshop offers superb creative workshops around paper floral creations.

- A good restaurant: for lovers of good food. You can select a great restaurant from The Michelin Guide and then book directly with the restaurateur to cut out the middlemen.

- A treatment in an institute: a massage, balneotherapy, a spa day... in short, a “well-being” moment to recharge your batteries 🧘🏻‍♀️

- Offer a tree: What could be more ecological to offer than nature? What if you offered a tree that grows in a French forest this year? With EcoTree , you can create an eco-friendly Christmas gift in just a few clicks.

- A beautiful weekend: a moment of escape to the countryside in a cottage, a weekend skiing, a night in a Tiny-house... Depending on your budget, you can find it almost everywhere in France little corners of paradise!

Creative workshop – Atelier Shamarée
Restaurant le petit jardin – Montpellier
Land of Pastel – Toulouse
Offer a tree – Eco Tree
A night in the heart of the forest – Parenthesis Tiny House

🎄There you go, I hope that this selection of ethical and ecological gift ideas will have allowed you to find what you are looking for! Don't forget that you can also make gifts yourself this year (arranged rum, DIY painting, etc.). Besides, I have prepared a small selection for you on my Pinterest account so don’t hesitate to take a look!

I wish you wonderful holidays!

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