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Christmas: 20 ideas for eco-friendly and original gifts for less than 30 euros

As Christmas approaches, we wanted to share with you a selection of some eco-friendly and original gift ideas, all for less than 30 euros 🤩. But, before getting to the heart of the matter, here are some little “tips” for a more ethical and more ecological Christmas!

First of all, doing it in advance is eco-friendly 🌿. Eh yes ! By starting your purchases several weeks (or even several months before the holidays for the most organized), you give yourself more time to search for the gifts that will best suit your loved ones, in accordance with your values, but also at the best price and with the best quality. This will allow you to avoid “spur of the moment” purchases made at the last minute because “you have to find something” 🤦🏻‍♀️.

Also think about the markets and designer boutiques , which are full of original ideas and ethical products, often handmade! For Montpellier residents, go to "L'ateliées" , our workshop / boutique with other creators, but also the opportunity to meet!

Last but not least: packaging 🎁. Like every year, we can only advise you to avoid over-packaging and thus the astronomical quantity of gift wrap which will most of the time... be thrown away! Our solution: furoshikis or reusable fabric gift bags ! You can collect them after the big unpacking or offer them to your loved ones who can then reuse them to give a gift in turn.



An original gift that you must not have come across often: the baguette bag or the bread bag! Ideal for transporting bread from the bakery to home without using disposable packaging, but also for storing it for longer (thanks to the linen which helps regulate humidity).

From €20 on Trinquette Atelier


If your loved ones are not yet converted: go for it! It's really the perfect gift to introduce them to zero waste without rushing them too much. With their pretty patterns and flashy colors, our coated cotton flat charlottes are a real alternative to the use of disposable packaging for food preservation. You can also offer them with a pretty ceramic from Claycraft , a ceramist who has recently arrived in Montpellier 😍.

From €17 on Trinquette Atelie r

Baguette bag – Trinquette Atelier Flat Charlottes – Trinquette Atelier


It's like THE zero-waste basic to permanently eliminate single-use cotton from the bathroom! Extra-soft and made of GOTS cotton, Trinquette washable cottons will appeal to sensitive skin, for gentle make-up removal and cleaning (they are also suitable for children and babies).

From €14 on Trinquette Atelier


We don't think about it often and yet it's essential. Perfectly suited for lunches taken at the office , for a snack at the gym, for children's snacks... A great alternative for less waste during your meals , but also and above all for healthier cooking : yours.

From €29.90 on Monbento


Perfect for keeping Christmas tea warm 🥰. It's the basic thing to offer everywhere around you to get rid of plastic bottles for good . And the icing on the cake (or on the log), you can accessorize it with a pretty Trinquette clutch!

From €28 on Trinquette Atelier

Washable cottons – Staysail Lunch Box – Monbento Qwetch x Trinquette Water Bottle



Solid soaps , a pretty care set for women or men, a small kit for curly hair ... You are spoiled for choice! We advise you to take a look at Savonnerie Janine which makes absolutely magnificent solid soaps, but also at Umaï which offers a wide range of solid products for the whole family and all skin/hair types 🌿.

Duo box €25 on Umaï


This is our latest nugget and also a super original gift idea for your loved ones 🎁. Yes, it's never been seen before: finally a pretty towel to dry your hair without damaging it! Reversible, it allows maximum moisture to be gently absorbed (thanks to one side in organic cotton terry), but also for plopping (to promote the natural waviness of the hair) thanks to one side in OEKO cotton jersey -TEX.

From €29 on Trinquette Atelier

Double cleansing duo – Umaï Reversible hair towel – Staysail


Taking care of yourself also involves movement. We recently discovered the Gaïa Skin brand which offers ethical sports clothing and accessories . Their slogan “Get moving and make things happen”, we love it!

Yoga Brick €18 on Gaïa Skin


An oracle is an ideal gift to add a touch of magic to your daily life . To test, for fun, or more seriously... There are a multitude of them! We prefer them to be made from recycled paper and/or from sustainably managed forests.

Oracle of the sea €22.95 on Leaves and Clouds


A personal development book, alternative medicine, for the family... If you are lacking inspiration, we highly recommend the books written and illustrated by Lise Desportes : a real gold mine! Obviously, we can only advise you to favor local bookstores over web giants for your reading gifts this year 😉. The ultimate: offer your book in a pretty Trinquette book sleeve . Guaranteed effect!

From €14 on Trinquette Atelier

Yoga Brick – Gaïa Skin Oracle of the Sea – The Lotus and the Elephant Book pouch – Trinquette



There are some real bombs when it comes to ecological spreads ! But, our latest find is none other than the spreads from Nourish Foods made in the Landes by Mounia the founder 🤤. Nutritious products, an impeccable list of ingredients , and above all a taste... to die for!

From €8.90 on Nourish Foods


For a cocooning moment by the fireplace 🔥. Teas, rooibos, infusions... There's no shortage of options! To complete the gift, you can add a pot of organic honey to soothe the little sore throats common in winter ✨. Gem alert! We advise you to look at the brand "Chic des Plantes" which offers beautiful boxes of organic infusions with eco-designed packaging.

From €27.90 on Chic des Plantes

Spread – Nourish Foods “Chic Martine” box – Chic des Plantes x Miel Martine


As you probably know, reducing our consumption of animal products is essential for our health, but above all for the planet! If you want to raise awareness among your loved ones, you can offer them a beautiful, super fun and delicious vegetarian cookbook . For the geekiest among them, we recommend a “Gastronogeek vegetarian recipes” published by Hachette Heroes , 35 vegetarian and vegan recipes inspired by the greatest works of pop culture.

From €19.95 on Hachette Heroes


For budding cooks, or those who want to get started! The "Marlette" brand offers organic preparations that allow gourmets to cook delicious cakes in a minimum of time 🥰.

Boxes from €11.40 on Marlette


We always need good little products to season our dishes (olive oil, vinegar, etc.). Christmas is the perfect opportunity to introduce your loved ones to organic, artisanal and environmentally friendly products . You can turn to local (markets, small producers), or ethical brands like Kalios .

From €27.90 on Kalios

Gastronogeek vegetarian recipes – Hachette Heroes Chocolate Box – Marlette Seasoning duo – Kalios



Discover our colorful scrunchies and headbands that will add a little pep and magic to your loved ones' outfits this winter . Practical, resistant and chic, they will adapt to all outfits. The little extra? They are made by us and with love in our workshop in Montpellier ❤️.

From €9 on Trinquette Atelie r


Many brands now offer eco-friendly alternatives to leather belts . Some use natural fibers to make vegan belts like Minuit sur Terre , or La Vie est Belt , a brand that makes belts by hand from used bicycle tires.

From €27.50 on Midnight on Earth

Headband – Staysail Atelier Vegan leather belt – Midnight on Earth


Give your loved ones a pretty Trinquette Atelier pouch to take anywhere! In your handbag to slip your important papers, as a travel kit to put your beauty essentials, or even as a pouch for baby's things ... With its quilted lining, your things will be well protected 🥰.

From €24 on Trinquette Atelier


Giving a pair of socks is guaranteed to make an original, useful and fun gift (depending on the design you choose 😜). We advise you to take a look at Archiduchesse , a committed brand and Made in France which masters the subject of eco-friendly socks like no one else!

From €11 on Archiduchesse


Whether it's a beanie, a cap, a bucket hat or a hat... EVERYTHING exists in an ethical and ecological version . It's up to you to find the headgear that will delight the head of the person you love 😍. At Trinquette we have a little crush on the Chamaye brand which offers a nice selection of organic cotton products, Oeko-Tex certified.

From €29 on Chamaye

Gastronogeek vegetarian recipes – Hachette Heroes Chocolate Box – Marlette Seasoning duo – Kalios

And here are our few ideas for less than 30 euros for these end-of-year celebrations! We hope that they have inspired you to find gifts that match your values .

To discover other eco-friendly gift ideas, don't hesitate to take a look at our article "Christmas: 50 ethical and ecological gift ideas" where we offer you lovely eco-responsible options for all budgets!

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